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STORZ Medical CelluPulse Ultra

STORZ Medical CelluPulse Ultra

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This device offers leading innovation and performance combined with unmatched clinical and economic value for treating connective tissue disorders.

CelluPulse Ultra: How It Works

The CelluPulse Ultra is a compressed air ballistic pulse wave generator. The pulse waves in the device are generated with a precision ballistic mechanism in the handpiece.  A projectile is accelerated by compressed air. The motion and weight of the projectile produce kinetic energy. When the projectile impacts against an immovable surface, the pulse transmitter, this kinetic energy is converted into sound energy. This acoustic pulse is transmitted into the tissue to be treated either directly or via an acoustic impedance adapter with the help of a gel.

The Benefits:

With its progressive technological advancements, Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT), often referred to as ESWT or shockwave, has been successfully used in aesthetic medicine in the course of several clinical application studies. AWT treatment has a multilayer effect:

  • kin-skin tightening, better skin structure and contour
  •  Fatty tissue-increased blood flow, activation of metabolism, stimulation of lipolysis and body shaping
  •  Connective tissue stimulation and activation of collagen formation
  •  Lymphatic system-improved circulation and drainage
  •  Muscle-normalization of muscle tone
  •  This innovative treatment method is chosen by an increasing number of women as a preventative treatment to reduce their susceptibility and/or to reverse and eliminate visible signs of connective tissue disorders.

Treatment Areas Include:

  • Upper arms
  •  Stomach
  •  Gluteal region
  •  Thighs