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STORMFIBER-II--- First Rate Air Cooling system

STORMFIBER-II--- First Rate Air Cooling system

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Introduction of Stormfiber-II

Stormfiber-II is a first-rate air cooling system developed for Pre, post, and During laser treatment without interfering with the laser beam emission. Stormfiber-II is designed for reducing pains, redness, swelling, and thermal damage caused by laser treatment, Intense Light (IPL) treatment, and Radiofrequency (RF) treatment.

Working Theory 

Stormfiber-II Makes the best performances, pre, post, and during the laser treatments of the following treatments:

① Laser hair removal by a diode laser, IPL, Co2 Fractional laser, Long pulse Nd: Yag laser or alexsandrite laser.

② Radiofrequency High-frequency skin rejuvenation treatments.

③ Temporary anesthesia before injections.

④ Feature of Stormfiber-II system ⑤ Powerful cooling air temperature (-30C).

⑥ High power compressor makes the system work for a long time continuously

⑦ High-speed fans make air emitting strong for better cooling results, with 6-degree cooling fan speeds for various treatments.

⑧ Self-defrosting system for best cooling performance

⑨ Self water drainage systems make safe and cleaning performance

⑩ Fuse supporters make the procedure comfortable


Laser source:                        Stormfiber-II air coolingsystem

Controlling screen:                  2.4 inch multi color screen

Totol power:                              750W

Refrigeration Power:               1500w

Temperature range:                 -4℃ to -30℃(adjustable) 

Fan speed:                                1~8 (adjustable)

Power requirement:                110V,50hz,6A, 220V,50hz, 3A

Net weight:                               50kg

Package Weight:                      74kg

Treatment Tube:                      2.5 meter

Power Source:                         100V~240V/ 50-60Hz

Fuse supporter:                      3 joint supporter

Dimension of the system:     610*380*750mm

Package size:                          820*500*930mm

Safety Class:                           EN60601-1, Type B MDD/MPG, Class I

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