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Machida Ent 3l Flexible Endoscopy Scope fully refurbished

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The ENT-3L Machida Rhinolaryngoscope offers many capabilities with a total length of 534 mm. The ENT-3L Machida is lightweight with great maneuverability. The Machida brand is high quality. Don’t forget to change out the scopes to get the longest life out of your ENT Rhinolaryngoscope.

ENT-3L Machida Specifications

  • Total Length: 534mm
  • Working Length: 300mm
  • Apical Diameter: 3.0mm
  • Insertion Tube Diameter: 3.2mm
  • Angulation Up: 130°
  • Angulation Down: 100°
  • Angle of Vision: 80°
  • Depth of Focus: 3-50mm
  • Light Guide Length: 1500mm
  • Weight as Used: 7 oz.

This unit will be 100% refurbished. 0 broken fibers . Brand new bending rubber will be installed . The objective lens will be cleaned. Angulation will be adjusted to spec. Image will be aligned to spec.

This scopes image quality will be like a brand new scope .