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Exilis Ultra 360

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Apexx Medical Equipment is proud to introduce the first and only family of elite devices to simultaneously combine radio frequency and ultrasound to tighten skin and address body concerns.

Controlled heating and cooling ensure that energy is delivered to various depths in the tissue without pain. Changing power and cooling during treatment allows the provider to treat deep tissue all the way up to the superficial layer.

Skin temperatures are controlled throughout the entire session for utmost safety.


The BTL EXILIS treatment is ideal for any patient between the ages of 21 and 70+ looking for cosmetic improvement on their face and body. Common areas of treatment include the eye area, around the mouth, chin area, jaw line, décolleté, arms, legs, knees, ankles and buttocks, abdomen, love handles, and intimate areas.

On average women will incur 80% of their sun damage prior to turning 20. At 20, collage production will decline 1% per year and skin thickness will decrease roughly 7% every 10 years.


The BTL EXILIS meets strict safety standards. The embedded Energy Flow Control system ensures that the exact amount of energy is delivered during the treatment. The integrated cooling allows your provider to target heat to proper skin depth to achieve the best results while maintaining patient comfort. The safety and efficacy of the therapy have been thoroughly tested in several clinical studies.


Many years of research and development have enabled us to deliver the only device of its kind that simultaneously applies two very popular energies: radiofrequency and ultrasound. The combination ensures high patient satisfaction and comfort. Thanks to its built-in cooling, the BTL EXILIS offers pain-free and safe therapy, able to precisely and efficiently target the desired tissue.